The moisturising truth

Bar soaps have been around for far longer than liquid soaps. It is believed that the earliest soaps were made by the Sumerians in the middle east almost 5000 years ago by mixing oil, wood ash and sometimes animal fats, heating this mixture and letting it cool down again. In the ancient world, aromatic herbs, such as lavender, were sometimes added.
This centuries old history lives on in our Handmade Soaps - although the ingredients have become milder and more delicate, but also more numerous, giving the soap more beneficial aspects and a greater range of fragrances. 
Our Handmade Soaps are 100% made from natural ingredients, which is important for the moisturising effects of the soap.
While soap was originally only created to clean, it's function grew over the centuries to also entail nourishing and moisturising the skin as well.
But making soap with so many properties is a delicate process that can be impaired by modern synthetic ingredients.
Our skin is slightly acidic to keep it from drying out, but many modern soaps often contain many preservatives, artificial colours, and synthetic fragrances. These can damage the skin's acidic barrier, leading to an irritated and dry skin.
This is why we attach great importance to only getting the best natural ingredients for our soaps.
The organic oils we have carefully chosen are great for nourishing and carefully moisturising your skin. Together with other natural ingredients like aloe vera, heather, essential oils and so on our soaps actively help to moisturise and repair your skin.
We offer twelve different all-natural fragrances and ingredients, some for gently exfoliating, others for refreshing the skin or even, like lavender, for calming your nerves.

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