Shampoo bars - naked, as nature intended!

Alright, maybe it was unfair to drag you in with a photo of soap-maker Archie's little brother Jamie washing his hair in the sea on the beach by Smirisary with one of our new shampoo bars but we have some news...
After months of scrubbing, rinsing, massaging and testing we bring to you two new shampoo bars - the Wild Nettle Shampoo Bar and the Seaweed Shampoo Bar.
Seaweed Shampoo Bar
Made with seaweed we collect just a few kilos at a time from a beach on the Moidart Peninsula, we just love this fragrance. Fresh, minty with a refreshing feel - and of course no plastic.
Join the haircare revolution.
For far too long, fancy packaging has taken centre stage. Make your hair the mane attraction with our brand new Highland Soap Company solid Shampoo Bars.

A solid bar is Zero Waste, is easier to transport and has enormous economical benefits. Beautiful essential oils now no longer need to be diluted in water; they can be crafted into a fresh, self-preserving bar equivalent to two or three 250ml bottles - and their associated plastic bottles, labels and pumps.

Emma, who founded Highland Soap in her kitchen twenty years ago, newborn babe on hip, is fanatical about quality, organic ingredients. Unlike most shampoo bars, ours have no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - a harsh chemical compound that acts as an artificial foaming agent that is very damaging to aquatic life. So you can rinse easy knowing that not only do our new Shampoo Bars have no plastic, but also no nasties. Check out our blog on sustainable beauty...

We have two fragrances; Seaweed and Wild Nettle. If you love them let us know and we will start working on the next chapter of our Zero Waste Journey, conditioner bars! 
Ok, since you asked... here it is again! Phone number on request.

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