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Soybean Wax

Soy wax is a partially-hydrogenated form of soybean vegetable oil. Soy's greatest advantage is that it is completely renewable. While the global reserves of crude oil shrink and paraffin prices increase, the only limit to the soy supply is how much of this crop we choose to grow. In addition to sustainability, a well-made soy candle will burn very clean and slow.

Because soy wax burns so cleanly, when burned in normal conditions you will not experience the awful black soot around the edge of your container. However as with everything else there are Exceptions. For instance if your home is drafty, the flame itself may scorch the inside of the container if it flickers too much.

Soy wax also releases our fragrance oils better and keeps it longer than paraffin candles. This is because being a natural vegetable wax; it absorbs the essential oils completely, giving you a wonderful scent right down to the last drop. Paraffin wax requires chemicals to be added to it in order for it to release its fragrance. These chemicals are also emitted into your home when it's burning. In fact some of the cheaper scented paraffin candles are only dipped in fragrance coating the outside. Smells great in the shop, but only lasts a few hours at home. We blend our natural fragrance oils at the pouring stage ensuring a fragrant home till the candles gone.

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) promotes the use and growth of responsible production of soy to reduce social and environmental impacts while maintaining or improving the economic status for the producer. For more information see

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