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Calluna vulgaris (Heather) flower - Iconic of Scotland, heather is a perennial woody shrub that thrives in wild Scottish moorlands (and in our garden!). Heather is a beautiful garden plant as the flowers and foliage can give year round colour. Our Highland location in Spean Bridge is surrounded by absolutely stunning rolling heather covered hills. The gorgeous fragrant purple/pink flowers blossom in late summer. Wild heather is also an important food source for Highland sheep and deer which can graze the tips of the plants when snow covers low growing vegetation. Beehives are moved to heathland heather moorlands in late summer to produce Heather honey, which is a highly valued product with a characteristically lovely strong taste. Heather is also used as an ingredient in gruit, an old-fashioned herb mixture to flavour and brew beer (was mainly used before hops). We wild-harvest heather flowers late summer; dry, then store as an ingredient for our products.

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